GAAKT e. V. Partners


GAAKT e. V. partnership is open to non-governmental and civil society organizations, community organizations, private sector entities, scientific organizations, academic and research institutions, regional centers or networks, UN and intergovernmental organizations, national and subnational governments, and the mass media.


UMBAJA e. V. is a non-profitable organization in Hannover that works in the field of refugees and migrants empowerment. 

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Leibniz African Students Association (LASA)

LASA is a student organization in Hannover aiming to bring African culture to the University community in Hannover and fostering a community of students with an interest in African culture and issues.

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Exodus House of Culture

Exodus House of Culture is a culture house in Hannover that aims to recover, research, collect, preserve, interpret, teach, and promote knowledge and appreciation of the rich cultural background of various people with an emphasis on Migrants.

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African Vision for Development Organization (AVDO)

AVDO is a Sudanese non-governmental and non-profitable national organization that works in the field of humanitarian services.

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