GAAKT e. V. Projects


SOLIDAN Campaign

SOLIDAN is an informative and advocative campaign that was launched on January the 1st 2021 by GAAKT e. V. together with our partner organizations; International Crime Monitor and UMBAJA e. V. in cooperation with the Refugee Council in Lower Saxony and the Association for Development Politics in Lower Saxony in Solidarity with the people of Sudan, that seeks democratic transformation and stability in the country. We extend our appeal to all freedom fighters, democracy supporters, and peacebuilders to join and support our campaign.

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SUNGO Network

SUNGO is a joint project with our partner organizations UMBAJA e. V. and Association for Development Politics in Lower Saxony. SUNGO is an abbreviation for “Sudanese Non-Governmental Organisations for Development Cooperation”. It is an independent network of organizations, initiatives, groups, institutes, communities, and individuals in the field of development cooperation in Sudan. Despite the network has been established to be for Sudanese NGOs based in Lower Saxony, Germany, and Sudan, nevertheless, the network is open to all interested organizations and people.

For more information, please visit the network at

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Public Bookshelf Project

The Public Bookshelf (PB) is a joint project with our partner organization UMBAJA e. V. promoting literature and the culture of book reading, which is vital to advocating for peace and tolerance in society and endorsing the values of sharing and generosity. A PB is a cabinet that could be freely and anonymously used for the exchange and storage of books without the formalities associated with Libraries. The other aspect of the project will be studying social behavior and responsibility towards public properties. Besides, education, training, and exchange opportunities in various topics and areas related to literature, book reading, peace, and tolerance are provided. The plan is to initially implement the PB project in 3 different African countries, namely, Sudan, Morocco, and Namibia. We are looking forward to receiving your support for this project.

For donation or more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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