Partnership and Network

GAAKT e. V. firmly believes in the power of cooperation and networking to unleash the full potential of individuals and communities. Collaboration and partnership are essential pillars of our approach to creating positive change and driving sustainable development. GAAKT e. V. welcomes partnerships with a diverse range of stakeholders, including non-governmental and civil society organizations, community organizations, private sector entities, scientific organizations, academic and research institutions, regional centres or networks, UN and intergovernmental organizations, national and subnational governments, and the mass media.

Cameo Kollektiv e. V.

is a non-profit organization that conducts socio-cultural projects, events, and workshops. A significant part of its work focuses on multimedia awareness-raising for intercultural understanding, diversity, and democracy. As an organization, Cameo implements projects aimed at fostering an open, diverse, and equitable society.


is a non-profit organization in Hannover that works in the field of refugee and immigrant empowerment, democracy and development.

Verband Entwicklungspolitik Niedersachsen (VEN) e. V.

is an independent network of development NGOs and initiatives founded in 1991. Its diverse work primarily focuses on education and public relations, as it remains dedicated to promoting sustainable development with global responsibility. As a lobbying network, VEN actively engages in development policy discussions both at the regional level in Lower Saxony and on a nationwide scale.

African Vision for Development Organization (AVDO)

is a Sudanese non-governmental national organization with a vision to promote a culture of peaceful coexistence among different communities, ultimately striving for security, balanced development, and services that uphold the right to live with dignity. AVDO collaborates with various stakeholders, including government bodies and humanitarian agencies, who share the same interests in fostering positive change and sustainable development.

Kulturzentrum Pavillon

is one of the largest cultural institutions in Hannover and one of the oldest socio-cultural centres in Germany. It offers opportunities for participation to all those interested in culture, society, and politics in Hannover city and its region.

Let’s Talk Period!

is a platform that promotes menstrual health and hygiene and advocates for sustainable menstruation. It provides a safe environment for all menstruators to discuss topics related to reproductive health and rights, with a specific focus on menstrual health. Their goal is to normalize conversations about periods in public, destigmatize menstruation, and dispel myths and misconceptions.

SUNGO Network for Development

is a joint project with our partner organizations UMBAJA e. V. and Verband Entwicklungspolitik Niedersachsen e. V. SUNGO is an abbreviation for “Sudanese Non-Governmental Organisations for Development Cooperation”. It is an independent network of organizations, initiatives, groups, institutes, communities, and individuals in the field of development cooperation in Sudan. While the network was initially established for Sudanese NGOs based in Lower Saxony, Germany, and Sudan, it is open to all interested organizations and individuals.

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We believe in the power of collaboration and cooperation to drive positive change and foster sustainable development in the world. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and create opportunities.