Publications and Media


Our collection of books covers a wide range of topics related to German-African relations, sustainable development, intercultural understanding, and innovation. Authored by experts from both regions, these books offer valuable insights and perspectives on pressing issues and emerging trends.


Our reports provide in-depth analysis and research findings on various subjects relevant to our mission. From policy briefs to academic papers, our reports aim to contribute to evidence-based decision-making and promote dialogue on key issues impacting Germany and African countries.

Policy Briefs

Explore our policy briefs, which offer concise summaries of key research findings, policy recommendations, and actionable insights on critical issues facing Germany and African countries. These briefs are designed to inform policymakers, practitioners, and stakeholders about pressing challenges and potential solutions.


Explore our presentations, which feature insights from our educational programs, research partnerships, and capacity-building initiatives. These presentations offer valuable resources for educators, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners interested in learning more about our activities and the topics we focus on.


Our media section includes videos, podcasts, interviews, and articles that highlight our events, projects, and impact stories. Through multimedia channels, we aim to amplify the voices of individuals and communities engaged in knowledge transfer, cultural exchange, and collaborative endeavors.